Many thanks to many people who gave generously or their time, expertise, and financial support. Most especially:


Cymbal loan and consultation:

Istanbul Agop Cymbals and Burak Ersöz


Acoustic and sonified data sources / scientific consultation:

Prof. Emin Özsoy, Prof. Ayhan Dede, Dr. Bill Kurth, and Prof. Tayfun Akgül. 


Planning  and installation:

Bige Örer, Lale Muşkara, Elif Kamışlı, Gamze Öztürk, 

Özkan Cangüven, Pelin Koç, Ozan Ünlüler, Dilek Kücük, Sergen Tertemiz, Erim Şerifoğlu

( ... and all of the İKSV staff ... )


Financial support

Gratitude to Zeynep Kunter as well as an anonymous patron,

with additional support from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago



Christa Donner, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Michael Rakowitz