installation views

Situated in the roof of the former Galata Greek Primary School in Istanbul with a view of the Bosphorus, there is no better place for a cosmo-nautical observatory to explore the entanglements of Io.

In the large darkened chamber filled with cymbals and symbols alike, you are welcome to play all 150 and accompany the ambient noise bath sounding through the space, a sonic bath made up of :

scientists' hydrophonic recordings of dolphin song and ship noise in the strait; the electromagnetic rumbles and squeaks around the moon Io as Voyager 1 passed her in March of 1979;  sounds from within the Istanbul Agop factory where the cymbals in the room were made; field recording from the deck of a ferry as it makes its way up the Bosphorus. 

From the roof deck outside you can peer across the Bosphorus, or with the aid of a telescope, as far as celestial ocean - to look freely for your self, just as Galileo so curiously and heretically did.

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