Sibling Bosphori

Here we have two views of the Bosphorus, both taken from space: one from the International Space Station above Turkey, the other from the Galileo spacecraft of Io and the area that astro-geographers designated as the "Bosphorus Regio."  The mythical priestess Io crossed the earthly Bosphorus to escape the torment of Jupiter and Juno, but in outer space it is inverted it is the Bosphorus Regio that spans the breadth of Io.  The terrestrial Bosphorus is said to mark the boundary of East and West, but Galileo's discovery of Io did nothing less than show that we often suffer from a limited point of view. Location is both specific and arbitrary, historical and fictional at once, and it makes sense more to talk of trans-locations existing relative to a particular frame of time and space.  

A selection of watercolor paintings of Io done with water collected from the Bosphorus Strait in December 2014.  Capturing visages and imagining others - Io is the most volcanic body in the solar system and as such the surface is constantly evolving.